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Large selection of high quality sauna hats for every taste

Welcome to the only website dedicated to sauna hats from Estonia! Saunamüts.ee was born out of the common idea of two great sauna lovers to share with people fun and useful sauna hats that will make your sauna visit more fun and enjoyable.

Need gift ideas?

A sauna hat is a great gift for any sauna lover for any occasion - birthday, savoury, Christmas, Midsummer, Father's Day or Mother's Day. Our hats can also be customised with your own design. Write your friend's name, nickname, the name of your hometown or a funny joke on the hat. You can also order hats with a company logo, national flag or any other image close to your heart. Need help with a design? Contact us - we'll be happy to help!
Can I see the products with mine own eyes?
As we don’t have a physical hat shop or a polite office space where we can receive guests, unfortunately we don’t offer this option. We can send you additional pictures of the hats on request. You also have the right to return the product within 2 weeks.
The hat I want is no longer for sale!

We very much apologise! Often our e-shop just runs out of certain hats to buy! It’s usually a surprise to ourselves. As a young company, we haven’t yet developed a precise purchasing strategy and it can happen that some products are simply missing. We’ll order more as soon as we can!

How to wash a sauna hat?

Our sauna hats are made of high quality felt. Most of them are full wool. Wool is a self-cleaning material, so you don’t need to wash your sauna hat after every sauna session! However, if the hat does get dirty, it should ideally be washed under running water by hand, using a gentle detergent such as wool shampoo or baby soap if necessary. Dry the hat spread out to keep its shape!

Is it possible to get a sauna hat with my own design?

You can! But two things should be borne in mind. Firstly, the price of such a hat is more expensive and secondly, it will definitely take longer – up to two weeks. The actual price depends on the complexity of the design, the shape of the hat and the number of products.

Will there be new hats for sale?

Yes, yes and once again YES! Our product range is renewed and expanded very often. If you have any suggestions or requests about which sauna hats you would like to see in our online shop, we are all ears!

I want hats for the whole family! Can I get a discount?

“Don’t hit the questioner in the mouth!” We’re happy to discount bulk purchases!

How quickly can I get my purchases?

We will dispatch the available products within three working days, once the transfer has been received. The rest is up to the good delivery drivers. If you would like to receive your hats by the deadline, please make your purchases well in advance.

Sauna Hats


The right hat protects your head from high temperatures. It prevents dizziness and nausea. It also keeps your hair from becoming dry and brittle in the heat.

A high quality dry felted hat keeps its shape, does not become topical, absorbs moisture well and does not let the heat in. A good sauna hat will last for years!

Fancy sauna hats are great entertainment at a sauna party! Who’s the sauna boss and who’s the sauna miss? Who gets a hat with their favourite car brand, who even gets their own name? A hat for every sauna-goer and let the party begin!

The little ones in the family should also have their own hat. Surely every child can find a suitable sauna hat, which makes the sauna even more fun!

It’s fun to jump into the snow in winter with a sauna hat on. It’s a great way to keep your body cool and your head clear. A sauna hat prevents dizziness caused by sudden temperature changes! It’s also a good idea to wear a hat to the barrel sauna, so your ears don’t get cold and mosquitoes don’t bite.

So remember, it’s safer and, of course, many times more fun to take a sauna in a hat!

Put on your hats and enjoy the sauna!

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